Opened the door to the new world

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Use a microscope to look at the things around us. Then you open the door to the new world!

Please enjoy:

Rich texture of the surface of a milled aluminum piece, showing gorgeous colors under illumination

This is not the role of Star Wars, this is a mango seed weevil

The look of the security hologram on the credit card when zoomed in

This is a scale that covers the beetle’s eyes.

This is a spider embryo, with the stratum corneum (purple) and cells (green) mixed together.

Two cells are carefully labeled with dye and can see a single number of connections from a single nerve cell

The two cells are separated, their DNA is dyed pink, and green shows a protein that helps establish the connection between the two cells.

If you look closely at the ferns, you will see the structure in which these spores are made and released.

Looks like plant material, actually iron oxide crystals in quartz

It looks like a smiling face, but it is actually a cross section of a parasitic locust.

What is this alien creature? They are dandelion pollen

a crystalline emerite containing minerals of iron and strontium

This photo took the scales on the wings of the monarch butterfly.

Looks like a jellyfish, actually a cross section of a worm living in the ocean

The nerve cells in the culture dish form an amazing connection

Mouse embryonic cells with blue nuclei and purple internal skeleton

This is the larval form of sea urchin

This is not an alien, but the internal structure of a pine tree used to move liquids.

And this is a single-celled marine organism called dinoflagellates.