20 unusual photos

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In South Africa, suddenly a snow

The leaves that have been in the pond for too long, the color is peeling off…

In the eyes of people who understand visual design, the world is different.

The word “yin and yang face” is set for it.

Palm trees and oaks grow up lovingly

This purple potato looks like a universe inside.

The leaves are so huge

Winter is coming too fast, not ready yet….

Brazil has such a “rainbow”

This cactus wants to conquer the world?

Annual ring difference of trees before and after the Chernobyl nuclear accident

Chickens occasionally have eggs without shells, only soft film wraps

These rainbow apartments are located in Kiev, Ukraine

One of the markers points to the sky and says “the moon”

This old TV has a maximum volume of up to 255

An overly diligent bee

Cars with three wipers side by side

The comparison shows that the arm of Tyrannosaurus is as long as humans.

To what extent is the ice of Lake Baikal clear? Please see

For various reasons, some cars will not be sold, this is the “cemetery” that stacks them.

The world is too big, and we have seen too little!