Extremely accurate 25 pictures

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When you attend a party but only know one of them

When you join the party and the only person you know leaves

When someone calls directly without sending a message

When you tell someone that you are busy today, you are not busy

When you “open up” your heart to others

When you find someone you know, you don’t want to say hello

When you want to stay away from everyone else

When you have the courage to tell a joke, everyone is at a loss when you look at you.

When you are inward, you meet another introvert, and you want to pretend to be very outgoing.

When everyone takes turns to introduce themselves, and you are at the end, so that when the sense of existence disappears completely

When you go to a restaurant or clothing store (or similar occasion) when you are over-enthusiastic

When the psychiatrist says “You can’t lock someone out of your life”

When you pretend to be talkative all day, you can finally “Be yourself”

When you meet another unsociable person and smile

When the party you don’t want to attend is cancelled

When someone you just met suddenly talked about his privacy

The ability you most want to have when you see an acquaintance in public.

When you try to “match” with everyone

When you are passively waiting for love. vs. When others take the initiative to chase you