Almighty netizen

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Q: In an 18th-century plantation restaurant, what is hanging on the ceiling?

A: This is a ceiling fan that pulls the top rope to move back and forth, fanning the air to drive the flies.

Q: When I was rowing in the river, was it a fungus?

A: It is a bryozoan, an invertebrate, some growing on accessible surfaces (stones, shells or seaweeds), forming blocks, or fan-shaped, shrub-shaped, etc.

Q: Under the seat of the subway train, it seems to be a window filled with sawdust?

A: This is a box that uses sand under wet or wet conditions to improve traction (during acceleration or deceleration)

Q: I found a certain kind of door in Okas Island, Washington, USA. It seems that the door has been locked for a long time. What is it used for?

A: This is the gateway to the long-term abandoned lime kiln. It is far from the house of residence, so the gas will not poison people

Q: What strange things are seen on the flight?

A: This is a large tower solar thermal power plant in Nevada, USA.

Q: I saw in the museum in a small town that the staff of the museum didn’t know what it was?

A: This is the rusting internal equipment of the slot machine, with a combination of scrolls and pictures.

Q: I noticed a huge net near the main road near Manchester. Who knows what?

A: Because there is a golf club near the road, the net can stop the ball from entering the highway.

Q: This instrument does not seem to know what to do?

A: This is a snooker scorer.

Q: I found it in the new refrigerator. What is it?

A: This is a tool for cleaning the drain hole. It can collect the condensed water in the refrigerator.

Q: There are many such things on the beaches of Portugal. what is this?

A: These are sea urchin thorns.

Q: It is said to be the helmet of the First World War era. What’s it?

A: German flamethrower operators wear these protective helmets

Q: When I took the train to Machu Picchu, I found these metal structures on the cliff. What is it?

A: This is a hotel on the cliff, consisting of 3 translucent rooms. Need $450 a night

Question: What exactly is this strange thing?

A: This is the handle of the hand saw. The connecting sawtooth is the complete saw.

Q: I saw it in a web post. Who knows?

A: It is a kind of soft body, a kind of insect also known as hammerhead.

Q: How is this helicopter so strange?

A: This is the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, designed to transport military tanks. In fact it can be used to carry any heavy objects

Question: What did you find on the shore after the earthquake in the Philippines?

A: This is a broccoli jellyfish, widely distributed in the waters from the central Pacific to the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa.

Sure enough, netizens are omnipotent!