Each picture is a story

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This accident is quite bizarre

Sometimes you have to keep calm

What happened at the time?

When grandma found a boy with his granddaughter

At that moment, he understood

Already hard enough ….

If you are surrounded by water, no one knows that you are crying.

Sorry, this is mine.

The real person demonstrates “At that moment, the heart is broken”

Why is he bathed in the rain?

What is the great anger of the cold weapon attack?

For him, the most important thing is music.

I heard that I was awakened by a sleeping pizza. The consequences were serious.

Although it is a very common scene?

Maybe the teacher is in the concept of personally demonstrating the angle

At least, he tied the rope

Yes, these are spider webs, the story behind it must be scary

That year, she liked him, but he didn’t know her.

This hand, he has his own life

Hey…. Don’t be loud in this way!

Life teaches us: don’t mess with it.

Fool, very painful

Hey, they are kissing again!