Shit, these things are so big

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Everyone’s concept of many things is actually vague. For example, the following things may be much larger than you think!

The wombat grows up like this

Giant African snail

How many earths can fill the sun? This is the demo model (blue ball represents the earth)

Giant leatherback turtle, amazing

How big is the heart of the blue whale? This model tells you

The attack power of the talons can be estimated from the size

The size of the Titanic (front) and the modern cruise ship “Ocean Oasis” (after) is very different

Comparison of an adult male with a height of 1.8 meters and a pterosaur

Full of gas horse lungs, no wonder horses can run like this

From this perspective, the Giza pyramid is extraordinarily huge.

Many people don’t know that the elk is a large animal.

Size gap between ordinary buses and large engineering vehicles

Saltwater crocodile is currently the largest reptile in the world.

If you put Saturn on the moon, then we will see…


Ring props used to make close-ups in the Lord of the Rings movie

It’s stupid to provoke the gorilla.

The wild boar’s combat power is very strong. On the left is the boar skull and on the right is the skull of the adult wolf.

Wind turbine blades, amazing size

Even 7 feet (2.13 meters) in front of Yao Ming…

Even if only bones are left, the bear’s paw is much larger than the human hand.

The absolute size of the comet is not small (this is a comparison between a comet and Los Angeles)