Coloring black and white historical photos

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In 1960, a little black girl was escorted by the American Marshal to attend a white school.

In 1903, an Native American in Canada

This old gentleman is the famous Impressionist master: Monet

In Warsaw, Poland, in 1946, photographers used the background panels to block the ruins and photographed the portraits for customers.

Madame Curie, the greatest female scientist

Elizabeth II when she was young

Finnish sniper Simon Haye, nicknamed “White Death”, the world’s most sniper (705 people), he was survived by the Dum bomb through the left brain, lived 96 years old

Two orphans of the Titanic in 1912 who were rescued from the shipwreck without their parents and guardians

In 1909, a young Kenyan woman

Photo with the highest IQ: Participants at the 5th Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics in 1927

Highlanders serving in Crimea in the 1850s

The Nazi leader Goering sat in the trial in Nuremberg in 1946.

Rasputin, known as the “Russian enchanting”, has many incredible legends around him (including the huge genitals at that time)

A photo of Einstein and Chaplin

Winston Churchill, filmed in 1895, when he was a light cavalry

A female Jew in the Auschwitz concentration camp, who fled in 1942 and was re-entered into the concentration camp in 1943 and survived.

In 1938, a girl from Sami (a resident of the Arctic region of northern Europe)

Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother: Queen Alexandra

Hiroshima, Japan, after being bombarded by atomic bombs

During the First World War in 1916, in France, soldiers wore gas masks to play football.

The moment when a French soldier was hit by a bullet at the Battle of Verdun

Mark Twain in the 1900s

Covent Garden Workers, London, 1877

Russian astronaut Gagarin, the first person to enter outer space

Santa Claus with Christmas toys on a white turkey sled, time is 1909

Thomas Edison, this is a camping trip in 1921.

A Bedouin, looks good.

Tsar Nicholas II, the last Russian emperor

“Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, but this photo looks very sweet

Water dispenser in Central Park, New York, 1942

Is history so charming?