15 cold knowledge, only 1% of people know!

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In 1500 BC, baldness was considered the epitome of feminine beauty.

Egyptian women used to use tweezers to remove all hair and then use a napkin to polish the skin. They also wear wigs made of wool or herbs, sometimes wearing two wigs, making the “hair style” look more fluffy.

“Wolfman” syndrome is present

The so-called “werewolf” syndrome actually refers to a kind of ancestral phenomenon in which there is a large amount of hair in the whole body, and like this Chinese man, although it looks like a wolf hair, it is actually a rare congenital giant pigmented nevus.

Every day the earth becomes 60 tons

According to scientific calculations, cosmic dust and other particles fall to the weight of the earth from 0.4 to 110 tons. On average, 60 tons per day

The first alarm clock can only sound at 4 am

The world’s first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787. His purpose was not to let himself sleep at work, so it was only set to ring at 4 am.

The word “camel” can be translated as “beauty”

In Arabic, the word “beauty” is “jamaal”, taken from “jml”, one meaning the root of a camel

Travel around the world in 80 days – with bicycles

British cyclist Mark Beaumont travels all over the world and relies on cycling. He gets up at 3:30 in the morning and spends 16 hours a day riding a bike for a total of nearly 29,000 kilometers. The exact time is 79 days.

The horse can stand and sleep, but lie down to sleep deeply.

The same is true for cows, giraffes, camels and zebras: they can sleep while standing, but this is a light sleep, and if they are in a very relaxed state, they will lie down and sleep.

Isn’t a panda a bear but a raccoon?

On the one hand, the panda looks like a bear and is currently in the bear family. But on the other hand, their color, habits and lifestyle indicate that they belong to the raccoon family. Scientists are still arguing about this problem, but most people prefer the latter.

The time spent on makeup for a woman’s life is about 10 years.

This is of course a rough statistic. On the other hand, men spend the same amount of time waiting for women to wear makeup.

In New Zealand, parrots may attack sheep

There is a sable parrot, very clever and very curious, they eat carrion, and will attack the live sheep, jump on the back of the sheep, tear apart the other’s body

The taste of bananas helps to lose weight

Nutritionists say the smell of peaches, apples and bananas can help us lose weight. The principle is that this odor produces a feeling of fullness, reducing the appetite for sweet foods such as cakes, candies, etc.

If Barbie (right) is a real person (left), her body proportions are a bit strange.

First, her measurements reach 36-17-33, and secondly, her legs are more than half the length of the body, and the length of the neck is twice that of the average person.

Duck phobia (anatidaephobia)

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you feel that a duck is staring at yourself. This seemingly ridiculous sense of horror is “duck phobia”. This patient is better to stay away from the duck.

The body contains a small amount of gold

Adults have 0.2 milligrams of gold: half in the bones and the other half in the blood and organs. If the gold content is too high, the liver, kidneys and hypothalamus will begin to accumulate.

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