The adventures of driving on the road

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It turns out that…the cartoon is true?

Who painted this tunnel, shit!

Traffic jam, how to decompress?

This guy is slowly crossing the road

Looking at the words on the car, I couldn’t help but pick up the melody.

This weather is still blowing strong winds. It must be a superhero to drive.

I went out to drive and met the aliens.

A warm scene, everyone drive slower.

So far, I have seen the best wheels

Parking in the emergency lane, the marker should be placed

Your uncle will always be your uncle.

It is quite powerful

The road ahead is complicated and alert

Not every passenger can be seen every day

In the middle of the road, it’s dangerous.

I don’t know if I can win if I hit it?

Just photographed the kangaroo falling down

There is Superman who plays stunts on the road!

Finally, look at Superman’s equipment, hahaha~…