Old photos

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In 1912, a French woman with a small chest

Photograph of the United States in 1928 showing the pain of tooth extraction

Model pretending to be a snake charmer, an advertisement taken in the United States in 1956

Catholic ceremonies held in Rome, Italy, in 1936

In 1932 Germany, this is a dental device designed to help correct occlusion

In China in 1905, two criminals were nailed to the wooden frame and died.

In 1936, the most beautiful leg competition held in Paris, France, the model was completely blocked except the legs.

In 1958, a slender woman from the Congo Mangbetu tribe

In the UK in 1927, a group of boys receiving UV radiation therapy

Man performing arts in Germany in 1965

The Indian woman was born with three legs, two of which grew disproportionately to her body. The third leg was the leg of a symbiotic fetus. Photo taken in 1978

In 1942, the Nazis in the village of Rozki, Poland randomly executed some people.

In El Salvador in 1980, the children showed the nuns a snake they killed.

Chemical weapons engineers use live rabbits to test whether sarin gas leaks, taken in the United States in 1970

In 1940, in London, the office workers wore gas masks while riding the train.

a two-legged lamb born in the United States in 1950

In 1940, a British fleet air force rescue team wore asbestos suits

In 1950, a man was tied to an electric chair in the Addis Ababa prison in Ethiopia.

In 1938, the American woman used fruit as a mask.