Excited! 17 high-tech products to be popularized

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The rapid development of modern science and technology, and many things that were previously unthinkable, have gradually become popular. Look at some of the high-tech products that are about to become popular.

3D printing pen, although it is now, but the overall is relatively junior, there will be more practical high-end product replacement in the future.

a speaker that lets you feel the music by touching it

Such a shower.

Floating sofa, it’s so cool

Machine for automatically folding clothes, lazy gospel

Robot suitcases that can be automatically followed, already have some original products

Pen printer, very light

a device that can be used to place items, also in suspension

Automatic drying and disinfecting towel rack

Fully transparent TV screen, cool

Nail watch, directly attached to the fingernail

Refrigerator for cooling food using biopolymer gel

Smart finger for accurate distance measurement

Wearable device that relieves pain

a device that converts animal thought into human language

Feeling very cold? This kind of socks can be heated

This pen can transcribe your song into a score!

Is the future worth looking forward to?