What kind of height and strength does a strong man need to hand over a tree? The mystery of MineCraft science

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Many friends asked whether “MineCraft” is closer to the normal world, but did you notice it? Steve, the protagonist of the game, is a “master of the world”. So today I’m going to bring you a serious nonsense, starting with the height of the protagonist.

“MineCraft” is a sandbox game with a high degree of freedom. In addition to adventure exploration, you can use “squares” to build any building you can think of. In the game, you are the god of creating a new world. And it’s the protagonist Steve that is doing all this instead of your hands.

Since we are usually the first point of view in the game, so many players have been very tangled with his height, but also resorted to all the number of calculations to calculate: the height of the card building, there are holes, as well as contrast with TNT . At present, the general calculation result is that Steve is actually a strong man about 180-200 cm tall.

The most appreciated is the calculation process of the technology channel SpacePak. First you want to figure out the height of a virtual world person. You need to find a comparison benchmark, and bricks are the best coordinates. In MineCraft, each brick is considered a 1m*1m*1m cube, so we only need to compare the pixel lengths of the bricks and Steve to figure out their height.

Because each block is roughly 16 pixels long, in other words, 1 pixel represents a length of 6.25 centimeters.

And Steve’s height is 32 pixels, the answer came out: 200 centimeters, just within the scope of the public’s calculations.

Of course, this kind of pixel calculation method can also calculate a lot of things. Steve has 14-feet legs, which is 87.5 cm in length. The stronger is that he has a shoulder width of nearly 1 meter, which is longer than the legs.

That is to say, we seem to be honest protagonists, actually like:

Using SpacePak’s calculation method, you can figure out what kind of world “MineCraft” is – an ordinary tree, usually about 7 meters high.

The Enderman is 2.9 meters tall and Yao Ming is lower than it.

The big spider has a leg length of 1.8 meters.

In this vast world of self-defeatingness, only the height of the Creeper is normal, the height of one meter six, is the same as the captain.

After understanding the protagonist’s ratio of height to the world, the new question was born: Since Steve, who uses hand-carved trees every day, is so tall, how strong is he? Let us continue to use the knowledge of mathematics and physics to take a look at the abnormal power of Stealth Steel.

To judge Steve’s strength, it may be a good idea to see how much he can carry. The user carykh calculated this. He first used the physical knowledge in reality to sort the density of most of the cubes, for example, 1 cubic meter of water, weighed 1,000 kilograms, and the highest density was gold, 19 grams per cubic cm.

So one cubic meter of gold is 19.32 tons, which is also the weight of a gold block in the game.

How much gold can Steve carry? His magical backpack has 36 positions, and each position can hold 64 cubic meters of gold, which is a total of 2,304 cubic meters of gold. Then according to Steve’s backpacking reserve, if he wants, the amount of gold he carries on his back will account for 26% of all the gold that has ever been mined in the earth, which is about 43,000 metric tons.

The gold is not as portable as a movie and television show. It takes about 98 trucks to carry it all. But Steve chose to put it on the body. If he uses a backpack, the weight of a single shoulder is equal to 2500 school buses.

Shoulders against Optimus Prime are just like playing.

So, if you don’t put a gold block? If the TNT is put in the backpack, he is equivalent to a small army. If all the water is loaded, the weight is 2,304 tons. 2 liters of water is enough for a person to drink one day. Steve’s water resources are enough for you to drink 2700 years.

However, the gold block is not the heaviest item in the game. In “MineCraft”, 8 gold + 1 apple can also synthesize a gold apple.

A simple calculation of 8 times 19300 kilograms, plus 0.2 kilograms, about 154,400 kilograms, which is a “gold apple” weighing 154 tons, close to the weight of the two space shuttle Columbia.

According to the previous calculations, that is to say, Steve’s weight limit is likely to be 2,304 gold apples. So, how much is this?

The answer is 355,738 tons. Yes, it is 350,000 tons.

You may not have much idea about this unit. It is equivalent to 35 Eiffel Towers.

50000 adult elephants.

1600 statues of liberty.

With a population of 4.5 million people, the total population of Panama that reached the World Cup this year will be about 4 million.

But if you think that this is terrible, it’s wrong. Even more terrible is that under such conditions of load, Steve can still jump to a height of about 1 meter!

Yes, Steve, who shoulders an entire country, has such amazing explosiveness in the legs. NASA or Space X must be willing to take a plunge! It’s really a great honour for such a strong man to be controlled by the mouse and keyboard between us. Steve is a human rocket that you deserve.