27 rare historical photos, which one touched you most?

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A woman cuts a cake at a birthday party in Tehran, Iran, in 1973

In the United States in 1900, a lady shows her artificial leg

Cavalry Training in England in 1935

In 1964, Australian fans were excited about the arrival of the Beatles

In 1923, two stuntmen known as “Wingers” pretend to play tennis on a plane.

In 1935 in the Soviet Union, troops were testing a tank

In the United States in 1920, a beach police officer examined women’s swimwear

In 1937, the family lived in the basement of Warsaw, Poland

A Beach Beauty Contest in New Zealand in 1967

Participants carry spears during a feminist parade held in London, England in 1910

A warning sign in South Africa in 1964, demanding that white people be wary of local blacks in town

In 1958 in the Republic of Congo, a woman was angry for some reason

In 1940, a German soldier took a picture with a boy wearing traditional clothes in Romania

Miss Mexico in Mexico in 1953 to take photos

In 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the French car manufacturer Citroen held a car show

In 1945, a Canadian soldier rode a motorcycle with three ladies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In 1976, different cultural blends on the beaches of Iran

In 1945, after the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp in Thuringia, Germany, a Russian man scolded the guards

A group of girls playing basketball in Greece in 1950

After a mission in Cologne, Germany, in 1944, a damaged American B-17 bomber

In 1949 in the Soviet Union, a guard questioned a prisoner

Video conference held in Sweden in 1960

A Maori priest fed the villagers in New Zealand in 1930

In 1971, a woman participated in a beauty contest held in Thailand

In 1981, the England-Norwegian football match was held in Oslo, Norway. British fans clash with the police.

1915 French colonial soldiers in Ivory Coast and their wives and children in Ghana

Jewish refugees, mainly children, refugee camp in Israel in 1954

Which one impresses you most?