24 stunning pictures of nature

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Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii and lava swept across the fields

Hurricane Sandy breaks a crane in New York

Lightning strikes during volcanic eruptions under Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull

Unbelievable Mulch Clouds over the Alward Desert in the United States

The tree hit by a lightning 3 hours before the shooting is burning

Storm over the Pacific Ocean photographed above 10,000 meters above sea level

Abandoned road is now part of the river

After a storm in New England, puffer fish found on the tree

In a storm, the sky turns green

Wind blows the roof and hits the high-tension line

California forest fire, like hell

After the earthquake in Japan, the terrain completely changed

Looking far from a thunderstorm, it is daunting

The abandoned railway track was replaced by flowers

An apple orchard in Ireland after the hurricane

A completely frozen waterfall

Snow cover after heavy snowfall in Norway

A terrible lightning storm

Giant sand dunes in Namibia under the sunset

Because of the cold weather, the waves of the sea are frozen

Like the waves of waves, the feeling of heaven and earth is reversed

This is not a UFO. It is tens of thousands of gathered ostriches.

A dust storm hit Western Australia

Typhoon seen by the International Space Station covers thousands of kilometers

Understand human’s smallness, maybe some things easier to put down!