25 photos that hit your hearts

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Lost Home Birds

A Russian astronaut bids farewell to his son before he goes to space

Recall some beautiful scenes

Sometimes finding friends is not easy

Even if you wear a number of medals, you are still a child in front of your mother.

As long as you can live…

He looks lonely

The girl in the cart is blind, but when she chooses a bath towel, she says, “Please give me white, I like white.”

The girl saved more than 10 years ago met her hero.

So together

People walk for 500 years of Pisa tower marble stairs

Hungry boy and missionary

Father and Son (1949 and 2009)

In 1994, a Russian soldier played an abandoned piano in Chechnya

Flowers are powerful

Man who rescued a stray cat from the flood

Kitten attracted by boy’s flute

Babies suffering from albinism nestled next to his cousin

A group of good people are rescuing a suicide woman

The two brothers separated in South Korea and North Korea say goodbye after a short reunion

Special soldier gazes at butterfly resting on finger

The wife of the sacrificed soldier slept in front of his coffin before the funeral

The child gave a heart balloon to the riot police

The pastor prays for a soldier who was hit by a sniper

Photo of Earth taken by Astronaut in Apollo 8 Mission in 1968