Microscope monsters

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Jumping spider eyes under high magnification, horrible

This is a magnified bug

What exactly is a locust? Like this

Magnify 8000 times of bone cancer cells

This is a gem beetle under a microscope

Further enlarged jewel beetle carapace

Ants carrying larvae

At this scale, the mouse cerebral blood vessels are like this

The stomata in the leaves have only been told in textbooks

Tabby fierce otters themselves are tiny creatures

22 hours after fertilization, living zebrafish embryos

This is a sting of a wasp

Ant’s eyes, complex structure

Melamine crystals observed at high magnification

This is a microalgae

Rhombohedral splitting in calcite crystals

Take a closer look of snowflakes

Flower embryo, weird under the microscope

One of them is a dog tick and the other is a tick.

The figure includes blisters and marsh

This is the body part of ordinary saltwater shrimp… I dare not eat shrimp!