The most failed tattoo

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Many people now have tattoos. In the United States, as many as 25% of people have tattoos. Come and enjoy some of these wonderful things today:

This tattoo is called “The Starry Sky”

And this is called “The Milky Way”

The mighty tiger

If you think the tiger above is not OK, please look at this

Head tattoo

This man has tattooed on his face…glasses


Maybe it’s not bad but it’s terrible!

Do not understand the specific meaning, do not draw foreign words

If you’re not mistaken, the pattern is…

Someone has muscled himself? ?

This design is called “dog tits” so there are two lines

Some tattoos are chilly!

What to do if you don’t have long hair and want to squat

Everyone advised him, but he insisted

Tattoo masters must want to retaliate against society

Yes, he doesn’t want barefoot….

Maybe she is playing mahjong regularly?

Brother, are you serious?

Just said, really do not mess up the text!

What kind of person will turn his head into a turtle head!

Is the person who is tattooed too silly, or a tattoo artist too evil?