24 old photos, slightly scared

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Before the invention of the polio vaccine in 1937, some sick children could only be treated in this way

Looks like a horror film, but this is the 19th century German approach to treating mental illness

In 1980, Chinese youth began to try western fashion

The chicken named “Mike” survived after being decapitated in 1945 for 18 months. The owner fed the syringe by placing it in the throat.

In 1934, the Italian Fascist party headquarters

In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Germans collectively entered West Berlin. Traffic near the Brandenburg Gate was seriously blocked.

1940 London Windmill Theatre Dancer

Local steel worker building a World Trade Center in New York in 1979

In 1955, many German boys gathered before the chewing gum machine

Children and their Halloween costumes, time is about 1900

In 1973, Motorola executives show off his mobile phone in New York

London, 1938, a boy wearing a Hitler mask

Picasso dressed as a Popeye in 1957

In 1930, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum was a bit of a horror

In 1932, a seemingly sci-fi wheelbarrow

In 1986, a scientist explores the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl

In 1956 in Alabama, USA, black children watch outside a white-owned playground

Lost a Winged B-17 Bomber in French Battle in 1944

In 1963, a transvestite covered fake breasts on the eyes

In 1977 in the United States, a flexible old lady

In Calcutta, India, in 1923, only women in Europe could enter the rest

In a drama in Moscow in 1909, the girl kissed a huge animal character

In 1938, this Japanese dancer is performing

Portrait of a British girl in 1892, when some people would take portraits of dead family members.