Have you seen animal pregnancy photos?

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The pregnant zebra looks totally distorted

Is this a hedgehog? It doesn’t seem like the same

It seems that the chimpanzees are not light

This is about to become a ball

Feel it is emotionally unstable during pregnancy…

I’m not fat

The hippocampus dads (yes, the male hippocampus is responsible for the pregnancy)

Pregnant turtles observed through X-ray

At first glance, I thought it was a tumor

Didn’t expect this figure to be destroyed…

It’s too hot today, it won’t go out

Don’t mention the waistline

Already have a gentle expression as a mother

Transparent mother, look a bit tangled

Eat more, there is enough nutrition

It is much harder to drink

It was not so thick before

The baby will be cute

Elephant pregnancy lasts 95 weeks, it’s not easy

It’s not easy!

The miracle of life