Extraordinary photos

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What kind of fish is this lovely fish?

Underwater Buddha statue on a small island near Bali

Beautiful sand sculpture on the beach

A black hole located in Portugal

Inside view frozen waterfall

Naturally formed ice shelves, very structured

This guy should be less fat when in the water

Flowers growing through lava

Ostriches gather in the air into dolphins

A pair of vultures on the tree, perspective version

The road to death in Bolivia requires courage to drive

Glass bubble for observing fish

Dinosaur footprints (fossils)

Solar Stadium in Taiwan

The trees on the edge of the park are like being cut

After a flood in Pakistan, the trees were covered by spider webs

Shark in the shark body

Erupting volcano and Galaxy

Some New Zealand houses

When the storm is next to you

What is the underwater wave like?

An abandoned apartment building in a certain place in Russia

The girlfriend’s cat walks the same route every day

Magical azalea trail in a forest near Nijverdal, Netherlands

Whales in a swarm around the boat

cinematic photo of a cat

Little sharks eating fish caught by the eagle

A small cloud, a small mountain