Kungfu: Trump lost to Kim Jeong-eun’s right hand this time.

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Today’s Trump and Kim Jeong-eun meet
You may have seen it
A historic handshake between Kim Jeong-eun and Trump

In general, today’s talks
Still relatively smooth
Nothing extraneous
So, what did you care about?

What I care about most is actually
Kim Jong-un and Trump shake hands so long
Kim was undefeated
Kim’s Kung fu is really quite good

Why do you say that?
Because handshaking is Trump’s strength
Before Trump
Handshaking among the general leaders of the country
It’s just to take pictures of the media
So far

However, the Trump Emperor is different
In order to show himself
Strong as President of the United States
He shook hands with others
Always urge internal forces to hurt his opponent
Do not leave the opponent alive

How great is Trump’s handshake?
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may has a say
Abe visited Trump in the United States last year
Both are in front of all media
A long handshake

Although it looks nothing unusual
However after shaking:

A confrontation between two people
It’s only 17 seconds.
But Abe’s face was a sad expression
It seemed as if it had just passed for half a century
If it’s not in public
I think Abe Shinzo
A scream yell out

Abe: I’m nearly killed by him!
Trump: Oh, I only used 30% power.

According to the observation of the predecessors
Trump’s handshake is not only amazing power
And very skillful
He tends to hold out his hand first
Pretend to be friendly and invite each other to shake hands
But when the other side does not pay attention to it
Trump will drag the other to his side suddenly
Clap the back of the other’s hand
Take the control

He might even be staggered by Trump
In the audience
When both sides shake hands
The victim is dragged and wobbly
Being firmly controlled by Trump
It’s quite disgraced

Even if someone wants
Escape from Trump
Due to Trump’s many years of martial arts
He still can promote internal forces
Pull each other repeatedly
Do not let opponents escape
Thus taking the lead

When in diplomacy
Trump has almost no disadvantage
Trump’s best known handshake
Faced with French President Macron
July 14, 2017
At the military parade in France
Macron as host
Welcome to Trump’s visit
The results just got a grip
Trump puts Macron on hold
Macron tried his best
Can’t escape Trump’s claws
Several times Macron even could not stand

Finally, Trump holding Macron’s hand tightly
Kissing Macron’s wife
And Macron couldn’t resistance
The scene was very awkward

Rely on these unique skills
Trump almost defeats the world

But there are lot of talented people in the world
In the distant eastern countries
Indian Prime Minister Modi the Immortals
Learning Indian tantricism from childhood
Internal force is unparalleled
With a fierce and powerful claw
seeking defeat

British Prince William
Outstanding temperament

However, less than one round with Modi:

Since then, there have been many martial arts masters
All played against Modi
But all of them lost in front of Modi.

Peoples who shaking hands with Trump
He was just pulled up and lost.
But who dared to shake hands with Modi the immortals
He must be hurt by internal forces and internal organs.
Among them have no love for life

Victim: A desperate look

A strong smile

Victim: Who help me to take the idiot away?

Being pinched out of the wounded

Victim: I can’t cry

Victim: I‘ll fight it out with you

Even Putin the Great
Former KGB agents have extraordinary physique
However, before Modi the immortals
He was also pinched

So, the world called them “West Trump, East Modi”
The two were attracted by each other for a long time

White House Battle
June 26, 2017

The two great masters
Finally met at the White House
Trump has been planning well
How to crack Modi’s Golden Claws
However, what Trump did not expect was that
Modi does not follow the routine
The two just met
Modi rushes forward with a streak
Firmly clinging to Trump
Trump is not ready at all
Feeling helpless

Master strokes, focusing on momentum
Modi step ahead
Never give Trump any more opportunities
The two played again later
Modi looks as usual
Trump has resorted to all the stops
Clenching teeth and squatting
But tied

Trump disagrees
Want to save the game
It’s a pity that something goes wrong
Trump exhausted
Unable to fight again
Can’t control his body at all
Modi squeezed Trump into an expression symbol

Trump: wait, wait…

This is a much-anticipated matchup
Trump lost after all

Since then
Modi the immortal sword comes to the world
The first position of the world has been established

Trump didn’t dare to say force anymore
However, although Trump retired
There is still his legend on the world

If juniors want to be famous
Defeating famous predecessors is the fastest way
So, Trump’s challenger appeared
He is the head of Canadian, Trudeau.

Facing Trudeau’s challenging
Trump intends to repeat his skills
What he did not expect
Trudeau comes prepared
In the moment of handshake

Trudeau takes the lead with the left hand
Stubbornly holding onto Trump’s shoulder
Blocked Trump’s internal forces
Don’t let Trump have a chance to drag him
At the same time,Trudeau got a firm foothold
Not only controlled Trump firmly
Even made Trump lost center of gravity
Almost fell in Trudeau’s arms

Trump fighted hard
However, he could do nothing

Trudeau: Oh, no way?

Trudeau defeated Trump to fame
The world is boiling!
CNN even made a special report for this
Detailed analysis of Trudeau

The title is called:

Learned that the chiefs defeated Trump
Canadian rushed to tell each other
Some people even say:
This is one of the greatest victories in Canadian history

There are people who put Trudeau
Photographs of normal practice
Do you know how hard he is?
“One minute on stage, ten years off the stage”

Since Trudeau defeated Trump
Others are also eager to defeat Trump and win recognition
A few days ago the G7 Summit
We all knows
Trump blocked by European leaders

However, it was actually long before the siege.
French President Macron And Trump
A wonderful showdown was staged

The last time Macron was at home
Trump won
It is a shame for Macron
Day and night training
Just waiting for a shame
Macron finally waited for the opportunity

Macron: Do you feel my murderousness?

When he met Trump
Macron takes the lead in reaching out
Trump did not expect his defeat
Actually dared to take the initiative to challenge
He hesitated a little

Macron: I’ll crash you.

Macron suddenly referred internal force to 100%
Trump feels so hot
It seems to hold a piece of red charcoal
Want to give up
Palm was caught firmly by Macron
This hot feeling
Always burned into his heart
Trump turned pale

Only one round
Macron gave Trump a pinch in the hand

Completely revenge the arrow of the year

Trump: Do you feel guilty?
Macron: No, I’m so happy.

So, I heard about Trump today
To meet with Kim Jong-un
Many people feel that
Although Trump is old
But it is still a master
Kim Jong-un is so young
Definitely will be defeated by Trump

There are even actors from the United States
Two people did rehearsal
Meeting handshake scene

What was not expected was
Today’s parties are shaking hands several times
Kim Jong-un is not falling
Really not mortal

Today’s meeting
Trump also said
Invite Kim Jong-un to visit the White House
By that time, What will happen at the White House?