Colorful creatures

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Such as the purple snail?

How did you not see the white gorilla?

Flowery squirrel

The color of lobster divides into two

It’s not the same as the giraffe you know.

From head to toe, it’s black

Can a grey panda be called a panda?

This pink dolphin lives in the Amazon area

No wonder it feels wrong because it is a black penguin

Day and night are gathered together.

Rosy roaches, very rare

Blue lobster, said to be the result of a genetic mutation

This zebra, the body’s stripes are not black but light gold

Can both pretend to be a blue camp or pretend to be a green camp

Do not think that this is a lion. Actually, this is a cheetah without spots.

This turned out to be a fox and thought it was a pet dog.

Ravens are not all black

This guy is called a panda in dolphins

Purple and purple polar bears? No. It was accidentally taken by zoo staff when it sprayed preservatives on it…

The color is different, but there is a special kind of adorable!