20 rare photos

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X-ray perspective: a python that has just swallowed a crocodile

The moth was found outside the room

Gigantic dragonfly on the hand

Impressive huge oak

The kitten’s eyes are different

Human heart peels off all fat and muscle, only the appearance of coronary arteries and veins

The $1.6 billion worth of gold is like this

A giant snapping turtle, this can’t be bothered

Parked here are all aircraft

A tree that is split in half by lightning

East Asian pheasant, very beautiful guy

Large moths feel a bit offensive

The jasmine flower becomes two colors due to the effect of codominant genes

Shoot the melted camera on the SpaceX rocket launcher

Nature is a great artist

What is a round butt?

Not PS, but a dwarf giraffe

Believe it or not, dandelion is so big

Colored corn, like gems

This is a big piece of coral fossil

Discovered seven leaf clover!