Some jokes, Do you know the difference between an angry girlfriend and a terrorist?

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Have you ever thought of cloning yourself to study and work for you?

I now suspect that I am the cloned one.



Those who give you great pressure, like to say to you “Don’t give yourself too much pressure.”



Q: Do you know the difference between an angry girlfriend and a terrorist?

A: Terrorists can negotiate.



Work hard and work hard.

Your cat/dog can live a good life.



Accepting yourself as a weak chicken is worse than winning a wrong number.



If some things do not want you to see, the best way is to prompt: the network has some problems, the network is unstable, click to try again.



Every time I quarreled with my friends, I will think about it and find that it is indeed my friend’s fault.



Astronomers have unfortunately fallen into the cannibals and will soon be cooked.

He knew that once in the afternoon there was a total solar eclipse, and he said to the cannibal chief: “I am protected by God. If you eat me, God will take the sun away!” The chief said nothing.

The astronomer asked again: “When do you plan to cook me?”

“At three PM, when the total eclipse is over!” The chief replied coldly.



One day my boyfriend asked me: “If I die, what would you do?”

I said: “Go shopping with my girlfriends and continue to eat.”

Then I asked him: “If I die, what do you do?”

He said fiercely: “Go shopping and eat with your girlfriends, all kinds of fun!”