This set of animal photos is enough to warm the world

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A pair of good friends at a zoo in China

When suffering, it is worth fortunate to have friends with you.

Just a sleepy bunny

Husky * 3

Sister’s cat has no bones (just like its kind)

The most Slavic dog ever

Left: First encounter (abandoned)

Right: After 6 months with it

“Max is 18 years old and is a grumpy old cat, but for some reason, he loves me and enjoys my touch.”

Guy enjoying on the beach

Brave guy, defending his partner many times and survived strongly

Very very very fluffy

My cat has a thumb

Is it the most “coarse” cat in the world?

This comfort, unimaginable

The first day the little guy started, he was slightly shy

She is very curious

Sleep together every night

“You promise to take good care of me.”

I don’t know if it’s clear or not. In short, it tells it to take a picture and it responds to this expression.

His name is Ramen and goes to the pond every day, trying to kiss the turtle and it has failed again today.

The power of hereditary is great

Watching it fall asleep like this, satisfied

Lady, this is your flower

Perhaps this is Tom and Jerry in the parallel world!