33 moments of concentration

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In 1920 in New York, a woman was posing for a robot

A woman diving in Newcastle, Australia in 1937

A young Soviet engineer wore body armor, which saved his life during World War II in 1944.

In a wedding in China in 1900, the bride and groom were very young

A car in Brookland, England, equipped with a propeller to speed up the speed in 1911

The two women were married in France in 1901

In 1968, a group of nurses and soldiers in Iran took pictures

In 1945, some men and women in the Soviet Union were forcibly forced into the cellar by the Germans and ignited. Fortunately, they were later rescued.

During the Russian Revolution of 1905, some soldiers, workers, women and children marched

In 1951, the daily life of a French woman’s Catholic school

In 1923, an American adventurer and documentary filmmaker bathed in a hole dug in Kenya. A local woman took her towel.

In 1919 in Mexico, a revolutionary soldier and his wife daughter

A building is under construction in Brasilia, Brazil, in 1958

Sphinx is undergoing restoration in Egypt in 1925

In 1949, the Budapest Smile Club in Budapest used a photo of a woman’s “suicide” to discourage its members from doing so.

A man in Pyongyang, North Korea, 1927

In 1874 in Shanghai, China, a man wearing a shackles, his crime does not seem light

In 1911, a man without feet begging in the streets of Vienna, Austria

In 1950, a man sold live crabs in a market in Italy

In 1951, girls at the University of Chicago rested in their dorms

In 1890, a street vendor was doing business in the streets of Saigon, Vietnam.

An Acrobatic Troupe is practicing in Madagascar in 1900

In 1965 at the Buckingham Palace in London, England, fans were on the cordon in order to see the Beatles being met by the British royal family.

In 1954, a Finnish family played on a special 4-player swing

People walk through flooded streets in Yokohama, Japan in 1908

Two models are taking pictures in Moscow, Soviet Union, 1965

In 1936, the young boy worked as a porter at the train station in New South Wales, Australia

After the earthquake in Valdivia, Chile, in 1960, a man was sitting beside the ruins and the earthquake killed 5,700 people.

The Titanic, nearly completed in 1911 in Belfast, Ireland

The Federal Bureau of Investigation examined documents in an armory in Washington, DC, in 1945. This file collected more than 23 million identity cards and more than 10 million fingerprint records during World War II

In 1904, a group of men playing cards on the streets of Berlin, Germany

Cycling Women during Soho Expo, London, UK, 1958

In 1943, on the island of Adak in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, bomber pilots’ homes were covered with photos of female stars on the walls.

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