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Fortunately, I don’t have a girlfriend.

Otherwise, in such a hot day, I have to go out on a date with sweating.



If you like someone, and you can also feel that he likes you.

Congratulations: You have an illusion.



I am particularly passionate about this sport: I can walk 500 meters further in order not to greet people.


Learn driving license

Driving a school car, just on the first day of the train, I crashed the front bumper and the coach told me to rest for two months.

It was only later that the coach retired in two months.



Do not make happy of those who are sad, and others will pretend to be happy to show you good intentions.



Even if the good-looking skins are the same, and the interesting soul is the best of all, we will still be attracted by the good-looking skins.


Health care

What to say about health, shit!

The best way to keep healthy is not to work.



Q: What is the furthest distance in the world?

A: Monday to Friday.



In 2008, beef noodles cost $4 a bowl. I deposited $10,000 in the bank, equivalent to saving 2500 bowls of beef noodles.

However, by 2018, each bowl of beef noodles rose to $10, and my deposit of $10,000 should have a profit of $13,500, while beef noodles only have 1,350 bowls.

So I have to know: Who ate out the other 1150 bowls in the bank?


The reason

Do you know why your foreskin is too long? Because your foreskin thought you would grow so long, but you did not!

You have failed the expectations of the foreskin and you want to cut it!

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