25 black humorous comics

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If you combine pop culture and black humor, what will you get?

Angry Birds + Tales =?

The most horrific scene for the sofa

Superman who has headaches for parents

Van Gogh

The tragedy finally happened…

Will there be such a parallel world?

Do you want to compete with me?

Why is it different from imagination?

Such a dangerous project should be cancelled

Modern Magic Door: Slide to unlock

Ah ah ~ final form!

There are no inappropriate products, only inappropriate users

This is probably the so-called CP

Please don’t use an electric penalty to me… I’ll explode

Are you sure? It’s him!

There is a tragedy that you cannot avoid

This is playing with my end!

Your body can not afford your dream

There is a feeling called despair

The rabbit will never be late again

Why fruit rot is contagious

Even if there are many choices, only love the original

Sir, please open your mouth…

Easter Island Secrets

Behind the scenes black hands appeared!

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