A few cold jokes

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My good friend is one of Loki’s fans, which was told that Loki died in seconds in”Avenger 3″, so he didn’t want to see the film.

Suddenly he decided to go to see the film today but got stuck in a traffic jam, 15 minutes late, even missed for the last glance.



Tom and Jerry walked along the road. Suddenly, several men suspected of robbers stopped in front.

Tom asked Jerry: “What are you going to do now?”

Jerry replied: “This is the 200 dollars I owe you.”



Tom came home from school with dark circles. His mother asked what was going on.Tom replied, “I fought with Jerry.”

Mother said, “You bring a cake to Jerry tomorrow and apologize to him.”

On the second day,Tom brought back a bigger black eye.

“OMG!” The mother cried out in surprise, “who did this?”

Tom replied, “Jerry, and he wants more cakes.”



“Alfred, this sandwich is really unpalatable,” Batman said.

“Do you know what I did to the last one who said so?” asked Alfred.


“I hired a killer to shoot her and her husband in the alley.”



Some people rely on yoga, meditation and hiking to relieve stress.

And I rely on eating, smoking and drinking, and on the Internet.



Q: Why are young men playing games rather than forming families?

A: Because the game is more and more fun, but modern women…


Marriage seeking

The boss asked the secretary to write a marriage seeking notice for himself.

The secretary soon finished it, and she habitually added the phrase “having experience is preferred.”

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