How to split two apples evenly among three people?

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Japanese Twitter user @omahuko posted a question that sparked widespread discussion. The problem is this:

“There are three people and two apples. How do you cut only one time to get each person to an equal number of apples?”

This question is a bit tricky. Netizens have given some “witty” answers:

“Crushing apples to make apple juice”

“Sell the knife and use this money to buy another apple.”

“Spin the knife on the table, where the knife point is, whoever gets all the apples”

However, some people have also proposed some “dark” solutions:

“Kill one of them, the other two can split apples equally.”

“Put the apples on one of the heads, and then cut the apples and people together into half, so that the other two people can share two apples and half people.”

However, the answer to more “negative energy” may be this:

“Why use the knife on others? The right thing to do is kill yourself.”

Although ridiculous, this may be closer to the “official answer.” Because according to the video source of the original source of the problem, the Japanese Deep Night Quiz in 1989, the solution at that time was like this.

So apart from the way of going out on limb, there is no possibility of solving problems in strict accordance with the topic. Some netizens suggest this:

Just stagger Apple two-thirds and put it side by side, then cut it in half, you will get two big blocks, two small blocks, give two big blocks to two people, two small to the third person, carry out!

Although it was pointed out that this method of division may not necessarily be “half-divided”, this is, after all, the least violent and most relevant program.

What’s your plan?

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