Art of shadows

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Shadows are very strange physical phenomena and are two-dimensional projections of the three-dimensional world. At some point, you can observe completely different things!

The shadow of the curtain on the ceiling looks like a car

The shadow of the flower is like a squirrel

The shadow of the tree looks like a mysterious portal

This is not the mesh socks, but the shadow of the table on the girl’s legs.

Street lights also want to participate in Halloween?

The shadow of two people is like Centaur

In the two-dimensional world, he holds weapons

Nature is the best tattoo artist

No Batman, this is the cover on the car

“Advertisement here” – McDonald’s has been running

The shadow of toilet paper roll looks like a hummingbird

Terrible, UFO to catch children!

The street sign seems to be an arrow, but it is also appropriate

What is a dog to tell the owner?

Discover a unicorn

Roadblocks are saying hi to everyone

Combining ontology and shadow… Isn’t this DNA?

The fence seems to want to show love for music

Who can imagine that the shadow of a cargo ship is like a city skyline!

Looking at the world from another perspective, it is so different!

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