28 rare historic photos, a silent shock

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Welcome to the history section:

Photo taken by actress Tipi Hedren and her pet lion in 1970

In 1958, a family took photos with a cute rabbit at Disneyland

In 1900, a murderer was waiting to be executed. He was standing on a stone or wooden beam with his head fixed on the top, and the foot pad beneath his feet was removed daily. Eventually, because nothing could stand, he would be strangled alive.

In 1952 in London, England, a man used a modified mummy monkey to perform a witchcraft ceremony

In 1915, students from American schools paid tribute to the national flag. This kind of salutation was the same as that of the Nazis. Later, Germany became the enemy of the United States, and the saluting movements were also adjusted.

In 1895, a British man dressed in a women’s suit took photos

In Delaware in the United States in 1900, a black man was tied to public whipping. This punishment is only for black people

In 1951, the 22-year-old actress and model were performing for a 57-year-old artist

In 1869, this mentally ill person was put under control in a mental hospital in Yorkshire, England.

In 1916, Armenians slaughtered a horse as food on the road to Syria. They are likely to be survivors who escaped from the genocide in Armenia.

In 1971, Rosalyn Norton took a picture at the Kings Cross exhibition in Sydney, Australia. She is known as the “Kings Cross Witch,” and is dedicated exclusively to studying Pan

A photo of a class from the Holywell School in England in 1910. Only one child seems to laugh and the other children do not look happy

One child demonstrated his body to missionaries in Belgium in 1905. Locally, once the family fails to complete the task of producing products, the child’s limbs will be cut off as punishment.

In 1929 in the United States, a group of girls who participated in the chorus were wearing goggles

After the liberation of Marseilles in France in 1944, a woman was shaved by a relationship with the Nazis. She will also be stripped, write SW on the forehead, and then parade in the town center.

In 1931, a Nazi official and a police officer patrolled Berlin, Germany.

In 1933, children ate ice cream in New South Wales, Australia

In 1874, a man leans on a camel statue on a highway outside Nanjing, China

In 1876, a young man got money from an old man (or caregiver) in London, England. At the end of the 19th century, there were many impoverished children in London. They slept in the streets to form child theft gangs, and some girls were prostitutes from 10 to 11 years old.

In 1961, at a worker’s rally in Tokyo, Japan, workers marched with Nazi flags. They hope to dissolve the Socialist Party and replace it with an ultra-nationalist party like the Nazi Party.

In 1969, the American lady pushed the popular beehive hairstyle to the extreme

In 1936 in Barcelo, Spain, a group of children played a game of shooting

In 1950, a British man produced this picture. At the time, he did not have Photoshop. He managed the environment to achieve results.

In 1920, a young girl was found walking on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Her fate was unknown.

Two Jewish girls dressed in traditional wedding dresses in Morocco in 1935. The one on the left is married and the girl on the right will also be married in the week of the photo

1894, French women wearing bustiers

In 1900, a doctor treated two young men with skin diseases in Madagascar

In 1965, a Russian fisherman caught fish in the North Sea

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