These pictures don’t really have PS

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An arm after grinding wood for an hour

This is not a colored waterfall, it is a rainbow splashed by a waterfall

It’s not a dragon scale but a natural stone

Why is the river pink? That is the petals of cherry blossoms

From this perspective, it looks like a banana tree

The storm from the raid is like a raging storm

what is this? This is the red sunflower

what is this? This is a “two-dimensional” lizard

Because of the cutting of the plane, the cloud becomes a square

The color of the spider is like a small toy

Once cooked eggs are put in the refrigerator for a year, they look like marble

Ice hole in Iceland, press shutter just like PS

Dust makes arm look dry

A bird’s-eye view of many trains seems to be another thing

Knife on the workbench with magnetic

Long exposure shooting a fragrant effect, like some kind of magic

Where the ocean meets, there is a clear demarcation

what is this? This is a pattern on the back of a chicken!

This may be considered a natural PS!

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