Some jokes, wish your life full of joy

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Well, when I was young, I thought that all adults were very rich. I was wrong.



Ha ha ha ha ha, today I heard the most adorable curse words: your mother will increase the price of vegetables.



There is no way to communicate with bicker. You can easily find a point of view and he can find a way to wrangle you.

So the only way to strike back is to fxck him.



It was only discovered this morning that my dad had sorted out the statistics of the travel time of the residents of the entire building in the morning, and then came up with the best morning elevator time that “would never meet other tenants in the elevator”.

He really did a good job not to greet his neighbors.



Since I learned the Morse code, my entire life has changed.

For example, last night, I could not sleep, and the drizzle outside the window kept saying:

-. — | ..-. ..- -.-. -.- | -.- – ..- .-. … . …. ..-.



Passing through a nursing home, the door light box reads: Go, Chess, Poker, Mahjong.

Think of another thirty years, the advertising for the elderly home is estimated to be: PS4, NINTENDO, mobile games, nostalgic VR.



Repairing the phone, one person ran to ask, can iPhone be repaired in the water?

I said this is not sure. We must look specifically at whether it is serious or not.

The man said that if you are sure that you can fix it, I will go fishing in the river. I am not sure I will not go fishing.



It has always been puzzled: Why does the character in the film and television drama never say that goodbye is a direct hang-up, and is not afraid to offend anyone?



Today, my son’s teacher sent me a text message saying that she didn’t assign homework to children. My son didn’t feel relieved and asked repeatedly if she forgot it. The teacher felt bored and gave him a separate assignment…

So the class has jobs for him alone!



There are always people in my office who use the pen on my desk and do not greet me, saying it many times and useless.
To this day, I changed 4 of the 5 pens into automatic fade pen.
Now they finally know that they are going to say hello.


Hungry and thirsty

For a long time, I didn’t speak to girls. Listening to the voices of girls in listening practice felt that the voice was just like the sounds of nature.



Get married, your tragic day shouldn’t have to end with work.



The gambling is really not a good thing. Yesterday, I felt a sudden stomachache on the bus. I bet it was a fart and I lost it badly.


Embarrassing conversation

In the laundry pool, I met a female classmate of the same class. Both of us were doing laundry. I just wanted to talk to her and then I said, “What are you doing?”

She: “I’m doing laundry.”

Me: “Wow, your underpants look good!”

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