Thanos has become a cliche, you earth wait and see!

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We know that Thanos is the popular BOSS in the latest movie Avengers 3. The reason why he can be so powerful, a big reason is a jewel “Infinity Gauntlet”

Around Thanos and his powerful props, various derivatives have emerged.
Thanos drink cup or Infinity drink cup is the most common in cinema.

It is said that every time we buy a drink cup, there is a Thanos who loses his left hand.

Thanos popcorn buckets can be used to hold popcorn and destroy the left hand of Thanos again.

Thanos slippers or Infinity slippers, because they are unofficial products, a bit of a mess.

Thanos underwear, which is Infinity’s underwear pattern.

And this is the real underwear, let your opponent feel your power.

Thanos coconut shoes, hot products, every two pairs of shoes, have lost Thanos chin.

This steamed bread is said to destroy one Thanos per meal.

I don’t know what to call? Thanos bracelet? It’s cool.

The Thanos mug is good except for a little bit of constipation.

Thanos culture shirt, but wait a minute…

… it seems that there’s something wrong with it.

Thanos nail

The more powerful, winter insulation knitting Infinity Gauntlet

Another Thanos glove can be worn even for cleaning or washing dishes.

Thanos Maitreya Buddha, is it adorable?

The other side looks like this.

“Fxck Thanos” cultural shirt is purely oral pursuit.

This is true culture – Thanos hand string (Infinity string).

Thanos condoms – whenever war begins, I am on the front line.

Thanos may give thumbs-up to earth people!

Forget it, or snap fingers.

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