SpaceX sent twelve men’s semen to space

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In early April

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket

A batch of supplies was sent to the International Space Station.

Supply total weight more than 2 tons

Personnel supplies, research equipment and various hardware

Very normal

Which is more special

This time included 12 men’s frozen semen.

The 12 frozen semen comes from the sperm bank of California.

Of course, the identity of the donor is anonymous

These semen sent to space is certainly not a prank

Obviously for science

These semen will be used to conduct an experiment called Micro-11

The Simpsons designed a badge specifically for this experiment

The protagonist Simpson dressed in a space suit riding a bull-like “cockroach”

What is Micro-11’s project?

Two keywords

Sperm vitality


Sperm energy

Here I come to talk about serious knowledge

There are three indicators for sperm quality


Malformation rate


Number, that is, the density of sperm

Generally speaking, the higher the better

Malformation rate is the proportion of unhealthy sperm

Generally speaking, the lower the better

Vitality, talking about how many sperm are moving forward

Usually higher is better

Vitality is very important

Otherwise, even if swimming skills like Thorpe

You can’t win the championship

We are probably aware of things that affect sperm motility

For example, cigarette alcohol

For example, physiological diseases

But we are not quite sure

Effects of microgravity on sperm motility

After all, until this time SpaceX’s supply task

In addition to male astronaut “carry” sperm

No other human sperm was sent to space

Then I talk about how the sperm can get

Sperm Capacitation

According to Wikipedia’s explanation

The glycoprotein on the surface of sperm acrosome is degraded by alpha and beta amylase in the genital tract secretion, and the ratio of cholesterol to lecithin and membrane potential change in the acrosomal membrane structure, and the process of reducing acrosomal membrane stability

simply put

Is the process by which sperm acquire the ability to penetrate the zona pellucida

Only sperm that has undergone this process can complete fertilization

We are not quite sure if this process can be completed under microgravity

Scientists on the space station will thaw and activate semen samples

Then observe sperm motility and sperm penetration of the egg

At the same time, another group of scientists

The same observations will be made on the same sample on Earth

Although this is the first time that human semen has been tested in space

However, there have been previous experiments with bullfrogs and sea urchins.

You read it right, it really is the sea urchin

The result is

Sperm swim faster under microgravity


The sperm gain is very slow

Do not know what the results of the Micro-11 experiment will be

Of course, the solution to vitality and capacitation does not mean that we can produce fertility in space.

There are many things to study one item

For example, space radiation

There is an area near the Earth called the Van Allen radiation belt.

Van Allen Belts

Filled with a variety of high-energy particles

A previous study showed that the radiation of these high-energy particles

Affect the ovaries of mother rats

We all know that the ovarian follicular reserve is limited

Charged oxygen ions and iron ions from space radiation

Injury to follicular reserve

Space radiation not only affects women

Gamma radiation also affects sperm motility

It is also possible to become a Hulk

Of course, even if these difficulties are overcome, the pregnancy is completed.

Development of the fetus in a microgravity environment

Space delivery

and many more

These are tricky topics

There is still a long way for human beings to have children in space

However, if technical difficulties are overcome,

Will you try to become pregnant and have children in space?

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