A crow in Japan “stolen a passenger’s card to buy tickets”!

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In Japan, due to the reduction of waste in the field, many crows enter the city and feed on domestic waste. Recently, a big black crow became a net red. It appeared at the Shinigashi-cho station in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. It actually wanted to use a passenger’s credit card to “buy tickets.” Someone photographed this process and sent it to the internet, attracting many praises.

This crow first imitated the human operation on the ticket machine’s touch screen and also tried to press the button. Can hear automatic voice prompts in Japanese saying “Please press the desired button”

It seems to understand that completing a transaction requires some kind of payment. So he jumped to another machine and stole the credit card from the passengers

After it returned to the original machine and looked around, it seemed to try to find out where the card was inserted.

After that it looks like it is going to give the card back to the passengers. At the end of the video, someone said, “We’re called station attendants?”

According to the Twitter user “@kinoshi42155049” who shot the video, the crow finally returned the card to the original owner. Although the purchase of train tickets was unsuccessful, the reason why Raven did this is still a mystery. The comments of netizens are varied:

“This bird is very smart! But it’s a bit scary at the same time.”

“Wow, it looks like it has been observing the human behavior of the operating machine and mimicking it perfectly.”

“I never knew these birds were so smart! Thanks for sharing!”

“Many people think that crows are not auspicious, but I am always amazed at their curiosity.”

“It must be tired because of the flight, so we want to take the train!”

This video was also reprinted and reported by Japanese TV

Although one might say that crows are only attracted by the shiny things around them, most people still think that birds also observe human behavior, especially the ability of crows to learn and copy. In theory, trained crows can do many things

There was follow-up on this matter: after the news report, the crow stole a passenger’s card again, but this time it was still a nearby taxi…

Is it so close to humans that crows are not caught? This is because according to Japanese law, capturing ravens without legal authorization is a violation of wildlife protection and management laws, and may be punished with a maximum of one year’s imprisonment or a fine of 1 million yen (approximately USD 9,000).


In April of this year, there was a woman in Japan because she felt that “ravens must live in the mountains better than they are in the downtown area” and capture the crows around the station and plan to take them up the mountain.

This caused the woman to fall into legal disputes. Fortunately, her purpose was not to harm the animals, so she has not yet been confirmed to file charges.

Researchers believe that the raven’s “buy-ticket” argument remains to be studied, but the crow’s intelligence can be determined, and it will also identify human faces…

What a special animal!

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