Mind-blowing of fashion designers

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It is said that the brains of fashion designers are different from ordinary people. From their works, they can have a deep understanding. Please appreciate:

Is this jeans really suitable for wear when you go out?

Don’t know why to classify shoes

When grandma is particularly afraid of you when it’s cold

What to wear when you are hot and don’t want to be shirtless

The appearance of going to work after a beast attack

This dress can make your body change instantly, read it

If you’re not mistaken, this is wrapped in car mats

The suit of the clothes is a bit special

Headwear may be inspired by some ethnic minorities?

Yes, this is slippers

Can turn you from head to foot into a mermaid

The purpose of this design is to let everyone pull

When you want to show your own number of hormones

Please don’t wear this to the zoo

Inspiration may come from the Unicorn

How to use waste when jeans are broken

Even before and after it is difficult to distinguish the shoes

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