Is it a cat? Or tissue box?

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What is this monster?

Actually cats

This is a complete caterpillar

By contrast, there is no big problem

Is this an alien? Why the body structure does not meet the laws of the earth

Hey, it’s really a cat!

This I know is a snake

It turns out to be pussy

Feeling is a long-lost human

No, it’s still a cat

It’s hard to say this is a creature

as expected…..

How do you feel a bit like an inflatable sleeve?

How do you say this cat

What cats are square?

This is really true

The head and body ratio is too misaligned

However, there is no

This must be an inflatable sleeve

Unfortunately, it is still a cat

Can such a simple figure be considered a painting?


This time it was impossible to be a creature, not even limbs.


What about this? How can I think I can’t think of what posture it will be?

It turned out to be this way!

Is this car rolled over?

It turns out so

This obviously is a mouse

Not a mouse, a cat

Will the painting go without friends?

But it cannot be denied that it is still a bit like

What is it like to sit like a cat?

But it really does sit like this

Is the insole at the door?

Maybe it really melts

Compared to some of the previous figures, does the feeling just turn in one direction?

Lying too much!

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