Are these pictures taken on Earth?

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If it is on the earth, why don’t you lick the dog ?

This tire is equipped with this equipment

Earth people should have no such limbs

This kind of car is totally incompatible with the aerodynamics of the earth.

I don’t believe there is such a hairstyle on earth

How did the car drive from here?

This creature looks like an alien

How do such doors explain?

You yourself will go to the bar and you haven’t seen it on Earth.

Not to mention this monster

This is absolutely not on the earth!


“The dancers in our midst” is the internet trend initiated by photographers in New York. It specializes in shooting professional dancers in the daily environment. There are already many wonderful works to feel the beauty of this energy!

To be honest, I have always admired the people who are engaged in this kind of creation.


a. Hypodermic needle b. Snake teeth c. Spider teeth d.

Shit, Shiver me timbers

Boy, are you coming to work?

This feeling is untouchable


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