26 rare historical photographs

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In 1942, in a audition in Los Angeles, a lady walked down the stairs wearing a gas mask

In 1957, at the ceremony of the British Cavalry Corps parade, a guard collapsed.

In 1937, a young girl walks with a penguin at the London Zoo in England

1933. Several herders in Bolivia

In 1910, a female worker was on a rooftop in Berlin, Germany

In 1927, the Bund Zone in Shanghai, China

In 1922, an ordinary farmer in Japan

In a female factory in the United States in 1943, staff were showing special safety clothing such as glasses, gloves, shoes and bras.

In 1950, during the Tour de France, the staff was cleaning the rider’s equipment

During the First World War in 1917, female workers installed cartridge shells at the National Shell Plant in Nottingham, UK

In 1945, some U.S. soldiers showed their sabers collected from Japan.

In 1940, a Danish antiaircraft crew member was only a few weeks away from the German invasion.

A group of female lifeguards at Henry Club, Australia, in 1946

In 1910, a bathroom in St. Petersburg, Russia

In 1967, during the Nigerian war, many volunteer men and women were training with fake rifles.

In 1906, a group of women washed clothes on the river in Nice, France

In Sweden in 1934, a group of girls dressed in traditional costumes are playing

During the Spanish Civil War of 1936, government troops used tractors as armored vehicles to guard a street.

In 1953, a scene in a lesbian club in the United Kingdom

In 1977, German ballerinas stretched muscles and had special holes in the wall for trampling.

In 1968, people were doing business in Vietnam’s heavily damaged city of Hue.

In 1938, young German girls excitedly took pictures with Hitler

In 1922, a child was held in a child imprisonment box in a mental hospital in Spain

In 1945, the Allies captured two Japanese child soldiers in Okinawa. They claimed that they were 18 and 20 years old.

Chemical warfare exercise held in Moscow, Russia, in 1928

In 1912, a group of Chinese women gathered when the 1911 Revolution broke out and China would usher in a new era.

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