The poetry of the spring of Durex

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The poetry of the spring of Durex

I’m not an emotional killer


Light spilled into the warm current
Flowers on branches
Spring is just right
I planted me in your body
And then hid together in the wrinkles of time

“Hard up”

Metro marking:
Stand firm
I also intend to remind you


Wind, blowing silent whistles for spring
I, wanna give you loud and clear blows


My courage is small
Only dare to think in my heart
If I can take each one:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Are replaced with yours

The Japanese inventor and Softbank’s “Jet Flying Device” can fight in the air…

If you don’t want your neighbors to bother you, you can use the old dolls for gardening, on your balcony, in the doorway, in the garden…

This group of pictures is called “When you become a Godzilla”, what if it is true?

Oh, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in meet, really not so simple…

Dark Master Yoda

Once there was a billboard there


People are not as realistic as dogs

Who has erected a brand that is too much


Fxxk off! I do not eat food!

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