The right time

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Remember when someone had re-kneaded the aluminum foil into a ball and polished it smooth? An equally frivolous act has recently appeared on the Internet

Slurry, clay, sand and other earthy materials, knead the ball and smooth it!

It may end up like this

Dirt dust of various materials is not the same

I really envy those idlers….



Anatomical map of the castle, drawn according to historical real buildings. The author is Bob Marshall



Are you a person to play? Think before answering

Suddenly thought: if Pig Peggy is not blocked, he will live and become old pig Peggy

And if he is banned, he will walk away and become a zombie pager!


When one’s own share has already been eaten, the same table is still chewing slowly, and thus suffer when…

All listen to me!

What happens after one second?

The right angle, the right timing

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