20 historical photos you haven’t seen, random but cool

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Come and experience the charm of history with some less common photos:

During the First World War in 1917, a pilot was preparing to manually drop a bomb

The Danish Resistance Army detained two German soldiers during the liberation of a Danish town in 1945

In 1926, a high-income dancer in the United States, massaged by her maid

In 1925, a war veteran was begging on the streets of Berlin, Germany

Turkish belly dancer performed in restaurant in Rome, Italy in 1958

In 1927, the Warriors, known as the Borneo headhunters, hung their heads behind them.

A Buddhist and his students in Tibet in 1889

In 1904, these poor children ate a bowl of food in the town of Morushkin in Moscow, Russia.

In 1933, various men danced in public gay clubs in Paris, France.

In 1927, Miss USA of the Atlantic City in the United States entered the competition. It can be found that one player is Native American.

In 1915, an Australian troop battalion to take pictures at the pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Muscat, Oman, 1905. An Arab woman wearing a traditional mask

A female firefighter in London, England, in 1926

In 1920 in Germany, a female power man demonstrated her power

North Korea a couple playing chess in 1911

In 1935, a family from Myanmar asked the police

In 1920, Japanese students were learning mathematics with abacus

Thai royal family members watch Taekwondo in 1925

In 1895, a man was ready to test his invention of a flying bike in Italy

In 1933 in Atlantic City, the boxing heavyweight champion was wrestling with the kangaroo.

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