14 kinds of wonderful monsters, some terrible and funny

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Japan has rich myths and folklore, of course, there are all kinds of monsters. Here are some of the most peculiar cases:


It used to be a clergyman who lived for a long time and later became a monster. Its only ability is to catch the tickling parts of your back – these parts can’t be caught by you anyway.


Ghosts created by worn sliding paper doors. When the paper is full of burrows, eyes appear and everything in the room is looked at. Even if this monster does not endanger personal safety, it is still creepy


Invisible monsters can be identified only by the sound of walking. It is the “wave and wave” sound of wooden sandals on the ground. It will follow people walking alone on the street at night, and the pace will be synchronized with the other party, which will make the victims suffer. To get rid of it, just go to the side of the road and say: “Behind you, Mr. Bo,” the footsteps will continue to advance and disappear

Shichinin Misaki

They are the ghosts of human beings who died in the accident. Once they encounter new victims, they can obtain rest, and those who have been killed take their place. For this reason, the Kyusei Warriors are always a group of seven and will never decrease or increase.

Futakuchi onna

There is a normal mouth on the face and a second mouth below the hair, which is said to force her to eat more. According to legend, this evil stepmother did not give her children enough food, causing them to starve to death. On the 49th day, the stepmother suffered a severe headache and eventually cracked, showing his mouth. This is because the revengeful soul inhabits her body and takes revenge


A dog-like size, like a long and dirty hair, likes to live under the floor and under the shabby house. Although it looks a bit cute, it is not a pet. In fact, it will bring illness and ill health to people around you. To avoid this monster is simple – clean the house!


A giant spooky whales usually appear on a rainy night. Villagers in coastal Japanese villages will encounter it. At this time, the whales will send a powerful curse to bring about famine, plague, fire and other disasters.


It is said that the ghosts of the death fighters transformed into the appearance of geckos. They tangled, harassed and attacked humans in the ruins of forgotten weeds.


It is a kind of cat demon, they despise humans, often summon fireballs, cause fires and kill many people. They often use superpowers to control corpses and extort or enslave humans. It is said that if an ordinary cat demon wants to become a cat, they need to kill their own owners and bring their heads back to eat with the cats and elders.


Monsters in the form of giant crickets are fifteen times taller than ordinary people. They are said to be made up of skeletons of people who have died of hunger or fighting. They are not buried. So roam around after midnight, grab the lonely traveler, bite off the head and drink their blood


Hands like scissors-like monsters, they are small enough to quietly enter and leave the room while the victim is asleep. At night, they run to the victim’s head and cut their hair


She is a prostitute on the surface and her face and body are hidden behind long black hair. She appeared in the red light district and the brothel. In most of the stories, only the hair was disturbing, but in some stories, her entire body was covered with thick hair. In some cases, she will attack the victim and tear her away with her hair. But more often, she would interact with humans (or monsters), cut her hair and send it to her, or put her name on her body.


Similar to a large shark, the body is very large, covered with countless metal barbs on the fins, used to hook their prey and towed into the water for consumption. It is said that when most sailors notice that the wind has changed and there is a strange color on the sea, it is too late.


Small fairy monsters only live in the dirtiest homes and public baths and can spread diseases. It is like a cockroach, a mouse, a scorpion and other pests. It hates to be clean, so keep the bathroom and the house clean enough for it to leave.

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