Jackie Chan film injury Atlas

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As an action movie actor, Jackie Chan is very good, so he can get the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. The following are some of the shooting gimmicks that caused him injury during his acting career:

Systemic burns, severe skin burns in palms

Posterior cleft laceration

Ankle injury

Nasal bone fracture

Impacted by a helicopter, tearing of the shoulder ligament

Finger fracture

Spinal injury, hip dislocation

Coccyx fracture

Multiple rib fractures, severe concussion

Coccyx fracture

Fall on the real fire coal instead of props, so the legs, buttocks and hands burn

Shoulder fracture

Did not jump to the stunt window, jumped into the real glass window, face and hand injuries

The branch fell and fell, suffered brain damage and required surgery. The closest to death

Shoulder fracture

Injured eyebrow

Spine and neck were injured but he was not satisfied with the shooting. Later he shot again!

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