22 rare historical photos, the first one startled

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Welcome to the old photo plate!

Two staff members preparing troglodyte props for use at the 1964 World’s Fair

In 1932, a Zulu tribe pulled carts for his employer in South Africa

A scene being shot in the Hitchcock movie “The Psychic” in 1960

In 1940, two Japanese geishas reacted to Churchill’s photos

Women in London, England try on stockings in 1941

During the First World War in 1914, the West African forces preparing to fight for Britain

In 1910, a woman stood beside her home in Arkhangelsk Province, Russia.

A man sells sponges in Vienna, Austria, in 1904

In 1939, the British Red Cross nurse played football

In 1954 in an American women’s wrestling match, the moment of violent impact

Photographed in 1902, there are two Americans behind. The left side of the screen is a Chinese man. On the right side is a Chinese woman who is holding two children. They are a Japanese woman (center) and a Filipino woman.

A police raid in Los Angeles, USA, in 1951, two women suspected of prostitutes

In 1907, people took photos with a big alligator in Cuba

A group of people waiting for a train in Sydney, Australia, in 1906

In 1930, a Congolese Brocade man marked the head with scratches according to the custom.

In 1905 at a beach in Florida, people dressed in this style

Women in Voting in Syria in 1957

When Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) took to the stage in Philadelphia, the young girls were out of control. Time is 1957

In 1890, a Canadian train was passing through a new bridge built on a mountain stream

1930 U.S.-Mexico Border

Italian cycling team at Summer Olympics, Antwerp, Belgium, 1920

In 1910, the men of Paris, France, dressed as ladies’ clothes, showed off their unique fashion.

Which picture are you most impressed with?

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