Classical forever! The best friend circle photos you should swipe!

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Some people say that time is a silent judge

After spending a thousand sails, it left the missed scenery as the classic transformation into memory.

1956 Backstage at the Academy Awards Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn An era without PS☟

November 1989 The first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin Wall A large number of East Berliners drove into West Berlin, unprecedented congestion☟

In 1944, Noma Jane Mortensen, 18, worked at the California factory. Later, she changed her name to “Marilyn Monroe.” ☟

1885 The Statue of Liberty was built in Paris Yes, this is the most famous landmark building in the United States. ☟

1965 Hawking married Jane Wilde Learning is not the same, a young age seems to be embarrassing. ☟

In the 1970s, Iran before the Islamic Revolution did not need to be masked and “black robe added”. It was full of beautiful long legs. ☟

The 1930s New York’s vertical parking garage 80 years ago, the high-tech cool smashed the sky and I only cared about how the car stopped? ☟

June 13, 1944 Britain used fighter jets to send beer to front-line combatants. ☟


1979 Obama took photos with other basketball team members at his alma mater. ☟

In 1969, Hillary Rodham, who had just graduated from college, later changed her name to Hillary Clinton. ☟

1928 The Lion head of the MGM (MGM) movie title begins in the Hollywood era It is a lion who takes a live lion and photographs it… ☟

August 6th, 1945 The U.S. dropped the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb on a wide open space at a Y-shaped junction ☟

The 14-year-old David Beckham signed with Manchester United. ☟

In 1955, at the London record store, customers listened to records in the soundproof room. It felt like they could catch up to the current vip service. ☟

September 3, 1967 Sweden changed the road direction from the left to the right after the first day. ☟

The front row of green hats is Osama bin Laden. The handsome man looks really dangerous… ☟

The earliest Uncle McDonald’s, Willard Scott. ☟

In 1969 a fashion magazine in New York Street beat. Is the time frozen? I feel that this body can be completely worn now! ☟

In 1972, before the war in Kabul, Afghanistan, it was a happy country that was free to flow into the oil. ☟

1991 Jobs and Bill Gates discuss the future of PC After the former died, this picture became out of print. ☟

September 1997 Outside London’s Kensington Palace The British people spontaneously sacrificed flowers to Princess Diana. ☟

Chinese Wushu delegation visits the United States, Kissinger shakes hands with young performers in 1974

By the way, did I forgot to say that the child was called Jet Li? ☟

November 22, 1963 Before President Kennedy was assassinated. ☟

The method of testing football helmets in the 1920s looked painful – ah – ah! ☟

And for those construction workers who used to walk the wire in shirtless fashion that year, Spider-Man, the American team, and the Iron Man were counted as p. Without equipment, they dared to play with life. You try. ☟

However, I heard that it was human flesh testing a bullet-proof vest that I thought I was born 100 years late or quietly be a teenager. ☟

Let’s call you complain about the subway crowding. Look at the earliest London subway in the world 150 years ago. At least you still have a cover. ☟

Childhood Prince Charles and Sister Annie Princess ☟

1945 Princess Elizabeth serving in the British Army now Queen of England. ☟

Mensing’s Einstein sandals are pretty good! ☟

In 1992, Michael VS Michael Michael Jordan and singer Michael Jackson were the leaders in their respective fields. ☟

The precious photo of Ye Wen and Bruce Lee cannot be more classic, but it will never be repeated… ☟

Life is nothing more than a one-way ticket with no escape route.

One hundred years ago, they are now the classics in our eyes. After a hundred years, we may be an unforgettable moment in the lens of others.

Some people say that the most beautiful thing in this world is not the photo itself.

But it’s a memory that helps you retain

Photographs of life that have been out of print

As if to say a word

This world I’ve been here

Photo of Titanic before departure

Carrying a ship full of hope and happiness ☟

Before it will sink to the bottom of the sea

The last photo taken by the rescue team ☟


Michael Jackson invited to attend an opening ceremony

The one who invited his boss

Today participated in the presidential election of the United States 26 years later

He is Donald Trump. ☟

President Reagan visited the Soviet Union in 1988

In the crowd on the Red Square in Moscow

Standing a disguised Soviet agent

After many years, he became president of Russia: Putin ☟

There was a passport during the Qing dynasty

And it’s pretty good ☟

“Driver’s license” in the 1920s

1929 Car Driver License ☟

Precious photos before the burning of Yuanmingyuan ☟

Late Qing Dynasty winter

Cixi goes out of the park ☟

The last emperor of China, Puyi

Fushun war criminals management station accepts transformation

Patching your own clothes ☟



Lin Weiyan, Tagore, Xu Zhimo

Tagore’s arrival helped the two meet again

Awakened again the beautiful memories of Cambridge ☟


Chaplin and Mei Lanfang

Chinese and Western artists ☟

At a party

Einstein came to Chaplin to chat ☟


Samaranch was a Nazi official when he was young

But this does not obliterate his contribution to the Olympic Games. ☟

An 8-year-old child in France in 1920

Lose all chess masters alone

He is called: samuel reshevsky ☟

The Severe Inflation of Weimar Republic in 1922

Children have nothing to do in the streets

Play on piles of money… ☟

London crowded the streets in 1931

Just to watch TV

Even if it is playing Mickey Mouse with Donald Duck ☟

The young princess Hepburn and the gentleman Pike

And after many years of reunion

Can’t be more classic… ☟

In 1994, Bill Gates sat on 330,000 sheets of paper

Hold a CD in hand to tell the world:

The disc can record more than 330,000 sheets of paper

Later he changed the world ☟

The handsome boy on the left (Jack Ma)

When I grew up, I changed my shopping style ☟

Bruce Lee

Father Li Haiquan is a Cantonese opera actor

Mother He Aiyu is a Chinese-German hybrid ☟

In this photo

19-year-old American medical student

Special thanks to Bruce Lee as a teacher of Kung Fu

Later became his wife – Linda Emory ☟

The small role of Bruce Lee with his hair is called: Jackie Chan.

The growth path of each superstar begins with ☟

In the fifties, a Harbin girl walked on the street in Taiwan and a US soldier on the roadside took her down with a camera. In the picture, the girl was found sneaked, squinted and squinted, and then went up to the theory of the soldier. The two met and fell in love. She called Bi Lina. His name was Fei Weide. In 1960, their son was born and named: Fei Xiang. ☟



The following photo was taken in 1910

Several little girls holding a 2010 sign

Now 2017 is over ☟

Seasons change fast and many years have passed in a twinkling.

These old photos cross the river of years.

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