God sees the world

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As I mentioned before, a netizen named Benjamin Grant specializes in collecting various satellite images with the goal of changing the way people see the Earth. Here are some new pictures he posted:

Netherlands, Lisse

Blooming tulip fields, these bright flowers reach the peak every April


Willy Creek, Western Australia

This tidal estuary has nutrient waters that make it an ideal habitat for oysters and produce world famous pearls.


Everglades National Park, Florida, USA

The largest tropical wilderness to the east of the Mississippi River in the United States, home to protected animals such as American crocodiles and West Indian manatees.


Northern England, “Northern Goddess”

A huge land sculpture, completed in 2012, is made from 1.5 million metric tons of soil in an adjacent open pit mine. 34 meters high and 400 meters long


Mexico City, Del Ejecutivo Square

This area of ​​more than 430,000 people contains three large traditional markets in Mexico City.


Algeria, Sahara Desert

The climate is hot and almost rain-free, with an average annual rainfall of less than 10 mm. Summer temperature of 50 ° C during the day, nicknamed “Fire Triangle”

Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

A layered volcano in East Java, Indonesia, with a 1 km wide turquoise acid crater lake

China, rapeseed field

The mountain landscape of Luoping County, China, the color and scale of rapeseed fields are impressive

Spain, Almeria

Almeria’s greenhouse covers an area of ​​about 20,000 hectares, designed to increase production and shorten growth time

Canyon Lake, California, USA

A city and closed community in southern California with a population of just over 11,000, one of the only five gated cities in the state

Swanson Pier, Australia

A part of the Port of Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest ports of container and general cargo

Canada, Akimski Island

Most of the vegetation covering the island consists of lichens, mosses, sedges and black dwarf spruces, which have a vibrant color when viewed from the sky.

Holland, Los Delight

Towns with approximately 8,600 inhabitants, hundreds of peat moss areas around the local lakes – low reclamation land protected by dykes

Venice, Italy

The 118 islands are separated by canals and connected by bridges. As the water level rises, 78 giant steel gates are built at the three entrances. The waters of the Adriatic can flow into the lagoons of Venice through these entrances.

Bahamas, Exuma Island

Several coral reefs extend to the west coast of the Greater Exuma Island of the Bahamas, and the Tropic of Cancer crosses the beaches of Grand Exuma

Seoul, Korea

With more than 25 million inhabitants, the history dates back to the 18th century BC, when it was founded by members of the Kingdom of Baekje

London, England

Ranked the largest city in the world in 2015, with more than 65 million visitors

Greater Caucasus

This is also the border between Russia and Georgia.

Paris France

It has been one of Europe’s leading financial, commercial, fashion, science and art centers since the 17th century.

Wildfire in northern California

The deadliest wildfire in history has caused hundreds of deaths and disappearances. From the perspective of high altitude, it is like this

China, Chongqing

One of China’s most important inland ports is also known for its special urban terrain.

Antarctica, McMurdo Station

One of the three largest Antarctic science facilities in the United States, capable of supporting 1,258 residents, with only two ATMs in Antarctica

Parmanova, Italy

Also known as the “Star Fortress”, the basic principle of this structure is that by shooting the enemy from the rear, you can defend against any individual wall attack from two adjacent star points.

Chile, Valparaiso

Built on dozens of steep hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean, known as the “Pacific Gems”

Spain, Seville

This solar concentrator in Seville uses 2,650 heliostats to collect and focus the heat of the sun.

Al Falah Housing Project, UAE

Located in Abu Dhabi, it covers an area of ​​12.5 million square meters and has 4,857 villas as well as mosques, schools, shopping centers and hospitals.

Namibia, Namibian desert

These red sand dunes are one of the highest sand dunes in the world, many of which rise more than 200 meters.

Andes, Los Caracoles

A twisted mountain road in the remote area of ​​the Andes on the Chilean side of the border with Argentina. Although the height climbs all the way, there is no roadside safety barrier.