Wild kids

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Mother let the baby feed the cat

Child, this is the pinnacle of your life.

“Halloween I played….a fart!”

Standing is not equal to waking up

There are more imaginable sleeping positions…

Middle-aged blessing Batman created by 11-year-old

The little girl likes to play funeral games most – she plays the body

It is said that this little girl used to do what she used to do.

Worried that this child will become a …..

Kid tried to pick up a book

Going to my girlfriend’s house and seeing her little sister is a bit weird, I don’t plan to go anymore.

The child said to her mother, “This little soldier with a vacuum cleaner seems to be you.”

Since playing a superhero role in the school stage play, he seems to have entered the show completely.

“I want both of you to watch me eat bacon and eggs!”

The 5-year-old guy likes this suit very much and sleeps for two nights.

I insist on wearing this way to see the “Galaxy Guard”

The consequences of a 2-year-old kid “take toilet paper from the toilet”

She said she is doing scientific research